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General What is MyOrder?

MyOrder is an application for mobile devices. You can order and pay via the MyOrder-app at over 14.500 locations in the Netherlands. Thanks to MyOrder you can easily buy your parking ticket, cinema ticket, food, drinks and many more on your Smartphone. Simply order and pay what you need in your life, don't wait in line anymore and use your phone as a wallet. No more need for cash, creditcards or loyaltycards in your pocket.

Order Life Easy.

General Order How can I pay with MyOrder?

In the MyOrder-app you can easily pay with your own SmartWallet, but also with iDEAL, PayPal or Creditcard. Click here for more information.

General Where can I use MyOrder?

Check the MyOrder-app to discover our locations. You can order and pay at over 14.500 locations in the Netherlands. For example for:

General What are the costs for using the MyOrder-app?

There are no costs for placing an order or paying with the app. Accept for the category Parking. For each parking session you pay a transaction price of € 0,22. Moreover, you can download MyOrder for free in the App Store or Google Play Store.

General What are the benefits of using MyOrder?
  • Pre-order and skip the line.
  • Never forget your wallet.
  • Easy and low-budget parking.
  • Always your tickets in your pocket.

Order Life Easy.

General Who can use MyOrder?

The MyOrder-app is for everyone and works on iOS or Android devices.

General Can I use MyOrder on my phone?

MyOrder is available on smartphones running iOS or Android.

General Where can I download MyOrder?

You can download MyOrder for free in the Appstore or Google Play Store.

General Who is behind MyOrder?

MyOrder was founded by Thomas Brinkman in 2008. Rabobank Netherlands has taken a majority interest in MyOrder since 2012.

General What should I do when I have a complaint?

We are sorry to hear you are dissatisfied with our services! We would appreciate to receive your feedback. Please, send your complaint or suggestion via our contact form. We will process your request and get back to you as soon as possible.

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