Together you go further. This is why we work closely with appreciated partners in different areas. Read below whom we work with in each area.


Since August 2012 is MyOrder a subsidiary of the Rabobank. MyOrder works closely with Rabobank Nederland and all local Rabobank firms, but still is a separate private company. MyOrder is available for everyone, no matter which bank you are affiliated with.


In July 2014 PayPal worked together with MyOrder to introduce the ‘Check-In’-functionality in the Dutch PayPal app. Because of this cooperation Dutch PayPal app users now have an immediate access to more than 200 MyOrder locations in the Netherlands.


Mobiquity is our developing partner who works keenly on MyOrder’s apps together with our own developers. The Mobiquity team is conveniently situated in the MyOrder building in Amsterdam, so we can work closely together.


Next to placing an order, you can also pay via the MyOrder-App. Our SmartWallet is a mobile payment method (move over Chipknip) for which our partner Wirecard processes all payments in a professional and reliable manner.


Vodafone is the provider of the Internet connection for the tablet in Shop-in -a-Box. By using the 4G network of Vodafone, the retailer can utilize the full functionality of Sidekick anytime and everywhere. Vodafone also provides the additional security on the tablet .


Samsung is the supplier of the tablets in Shop-in -a-Box for retailers. That way, the retailers are assured of professional and up- to-date devices. Samsung offers business solutions that transcend individual products, Shop-in-a-Box is a good example of such a business solution.


As a system integrator, Capgemini directs the underlying services of MyOrder Sidekick, Shop-in -a-Box . Therefore, the services provided by the various parties are working properly overall and the solution is continuously being developed.


Thanks to Exact Online in Shop-in-a-Box, retailers can not just reach their customers better, but also organize their accounting smarter and more efficiently. On the Samsung tablet the retailer can activate the Sidekick App as well as Exact Online.