The MyOrder API

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The entire consuming experience in one API

The MyOrder App provides all that is needed to view, order & pay anything with a mobile phone, anywhere. Through the MyOrder API we are aiming to share these functionalities with you to help solving your business challenges. The possibilities are almost endless, making the opportunities all the greater. The API is divided into three components that define the consuming experience: the convenience of mobile ordering, payments and loyalty. Discover the MyOrder platform.

Mobile payment

The MyOrder App supports a variety of mobile payment options as iDEAL, creditcard and PayPal. In addition to that, it services it’s own wallet, the Smartwallet, that eases the process of mobile payment in the App.

Enabling mobile consumption

By using our m-commerce platform you create an additional distribution channel to attract more or new customers. It links your product or service to the device that customers nowadays always carrie with them: their mobile phone. Enabling customers to order, pay and save up loyalty points whenever they want to.

Value added services

Ordering products and services via your mobile phone anytime anywhere. Thanks to this customers can easily buy their parking ticket, fuel, cinema ticket, food, drinks and many more on their Smartphone. Order Life Easy!

Buying tickets

Allow customers to order tickets online with their mobile phone


Seamlessly implement parking functionality in your application


Integrate the ability to digitally refuel a car using only a mobile phone

Food & drinks

Enable users to order food whenever and wherever


With the Sidekick loyalty program merchants can (re)connect with their customers via their mobile phone. Sidekick gives merchants insight in their customers and their preferences. Customers can check-in and collect points in stores with just their mobile phone.

Attract your nearby customers

Loyalty cards
Reward your customers with a card they always carry along

See who is in your store

Direct mailing to your customer